State Legislation

Many states have chosen to enact ethanol-related legislation, including incentives for its production, pump incentives for its sale, and requirements for ethanol-blended fuel use.

Ten states have enacted Renewable Fuels Standards that require the use of ethanol-blended fuel:

  1. Hawaii
  2. Iowa
  3. Kansas
  4. Louisiana
  5. Minnesota
  6. Missouri
  7. Montana
  8. Oregon
  9. Washington
  10. Florida
*California has a Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Pennsylvania has a cellulosic ethanol standard.

**California does not require renewable fuels.  However, the state has an oxygen standard, and the only oxygenate approved by CARB is denatured ethanol.  Technically, a fuel that meets the requirements of the CaRFG Phase 3 Predictive Model could contain as little as 0 percent oxygen or as much as 3.7 percent oxygen.  

Twelve states have some type of retail pump incentives for ethanol, whether for E10, E85, or both types of ethanol-blended fuel:

  1. Alaska (E10)
  2. Idaho (both)
  3. Illinois (both)
  4. Iowa (both)
  5. Kansas (E85)
  6. Maine (both)
  7. Minnesota (E85)
  8. Oklahoma (both)
  9. South Dakota (both)
  10. Hawaii (both)
  11. South Carolina (E85)
  12. Alabama (E10)

Twenty-two states have some type of incentive for ethanol producers:

  1. Arkansas
  2. Hawaii
  3. Illinois
  4. Indiana
  5. Kansas
  6. Kentucky
  7. Maine
  8. Maryland
  9. Michigan
  10. Minnesota
  11. Mississippi
  12. Missouri
  13. Montana
  14. Nebraska
  15. New York
  16. North Dakota
  17. Oklahoma
  18. South Carolina
  19. South Dakota
  20. Texas
  21. Virginia
  22. Wyoming



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